Here’s what clients have said about my proofreading and copyediting:

“Like all decent scribblers I am a very disciplined worker but a very undisciplined writer and I occasionally need the services of a good copy editor to tart up my unruly prose, and my flagrant abuse of the humble apostrophe. Clare polished up my PhD a treat, she did it to a tight deadline and at a reasonable rate too. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Rob Chapman, author of ‘A Very Irregular Head: The Life of Syd Barrett’


“I handed Clare my PhD thesis knowing that there would be a large amount of grammatical, punctuation and general human errors in it. Clare picked through it with a fine toothed comb, an amazingly thorough job that even got commended by my PhD examiners for its lack of grammatical errors.

I would recommend her to anyone wanting a professional, conscientious and insightful job done, as she will deliver back to you a document that functions at its highest potential.”

Dr Karen Gaskill, independent curator and researcher


“Clare proofread a market intelligence report for Sunny Sky Solutions. She delivered top quality work at extremely short notice, and showed good understanding of the cross-cultural aspects of the work.”

Gabriela Castro-Fontoura of Sunny Sky Solutions, who provide research, intelligence and practical support to UK companies looking to expand to Latin America